Warren S87 Yacht in Noosa Head, Australia


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Changes In The Rules And Regulations In Yachting


With the 2013 season coming to a close the sailors would be welcomed to the new season with some changes in 2014. The regulatory bodies have come to a conclusion that there needs to be some change for this year and the changes are for the better sailing. One of the most important changes that will be seen is the percentage of fuel sulfur which should be 1000 ppm.

This would help to reduce the airborne particulate matter resulting in less emission of sulfur dioxide. According to the Load Line Convention the southern limit of the allover load will soon be moved by 50 miles towards the south which would give more room to the yachts and ships to pass from the allocated area. Previously this was always planned but it was not incorporated but from this year it will be taken care of and it will help the sailors a lot.

Apart from this there will be some other changes as well such as the length of the yacht can be changed and each yacht will be able to have either a shore based support or an onboard stability computer that would be having more than three vertical fire zones.

There will be changes in the fire safety systems as well and as per the changes that have been made a yacht can only have a radiotelephone apparatus that too in the two way portable mode so that it becomes easier for the firefighter’s communication. The communication will be done via radio and the radios should be intrinsically safe with explosion proof facility. In addition to this the yacht should also have some spare cylinders with a facility for onboard recharging and breathing apparatus cylinder. Changes in the noise level are also been looked into but the definite information about this has not yet been updated.

Rodman Yacht

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Lego yacht


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Pershing 62


The 50- to 115- feet motor yachts by the Pershing has now been joined in by a new member the Pershing 62. The Pershing 62 has brought with it ZF SeaRex drives that is helping the motor yacht to give a sublime performance. However, before onlookers notice all that, seems like they would be absolutely pre engaged wondering how does the Pershing 62 look so amazing. Yes the Pershing 62 looks that great and has a handling capacity that is even better.

Pershing has been designing, producing as well as marketing luxury motor yachts for almost 30 years now. It is one of the leading brands in the sector of Made in Italy fibreglass open yachts. Their ranges of yachts have always shown superior performance, consistent development in style, best quality materials, the best designed interiors along with incomparable comfort. The Pershing 62, too, showcases the same style and beauty, in fact even better, than what the shipyard has been providing for years.

Spectators will especially be fond of the swim platform of the yacht. The swim platform is about half the depth of what you would usually see in the Pershing range of yachts. The extra space in the Pershing 62, has been used for a tender garage. The garage lifts up, and the centre section of the swim platform drops. Thus, a personal slipway is created. This surely is a super nifty plan that has been implemented by the developers. Apart from the swim platform, another element that is sure to catch glances in the ingenious salon door and window. First the window will retract below decks, following which the door will move to the centreline. It also drops down, thus giving an unhindered access to the open cockpit.

The automatic trip system helps the Pershing 62 to rise into plane with almost no fuss. The speed performance of the yacht has amazing smoothness. Its standard engines are a pair of 1,381-hp MTU Series 2000 diesels.

2012 Hunt 44 Express Cruiser Boat Review / Performance Test


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RC yacht


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America’s Cup plans Revealed


With the dust settling down and the Cup World waiting for the 35th America’s Cup protocol, the architect of the 34th edition of the Cup spoke exclusively to Yachting World about the thoughts and ideas for the upcoming event.

The CEO of Oracle Team USA, Russell Coutts has been working relentlessly for defining the boundaries of the 35th America’s Cup and has been meeting representatives of the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, which has emerged as the challenger of the record and also the other potentials teams. Though nothing has been finalized yet, there is a shared vision about the event that is soon approaching and that will build on the success of the 34th edition of the Cup.

Talking to the magazine regarding the cots, Coutts said that America’s Cup is a unique event and is right there at the zenith of the yachting sport world but it does not require to be more sustainable as far as the cost is concerned. He said that the cost versus the potential revenues that will be earned by the clients have been far out and there is a sincere effort to close this gap and finally reverse the trend where cost exceeds the revenue. He further said that this time he was expecting and hoping to reduce the cost to two third of what it was the last time around.

As far as the participating teams were concerned, Coutts said that in his opinion it was always better to look for quality than quantity. Right now there were four teams from the AC 34 which are active and there is also the Australian challenger of record. So, the Cup will see five top quality teams and he was hopeful that the number might increase. He said that it would really be great to have a team from Asia.