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25 Responses to “LOW ENERG_NEW DIAMOND 70 YACHT”

  1. tokyodriftbro

    dear santa

  2. Prince John


  3. Talon T38

    I could see this boat *taking on water* and easily *flooding* from aft to
    fore. That far behind the CLH, the aft section has to have more elevation
    above the WL. Else, the full Draft would be a ratio above WL that makes
    little sense.

    Nice eye candy, however!

  4. Glen Mortimer

    Look at what we have to look forward to ULtimate Luxury (Andrea Vastano ,
    James Edmund of Avadesign have created SYD concepts for the future)… 

  5. Bobby Haynes

    At Your Service, HB, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, Bobby Haynes, President

  6. Tibor Gergely

    Avadesign has revealed their latest 70-meter concept by Andrea Vastano that
    hopes to make an impression with its strong and clean-cut exterior lines
    along with eco-sustainable technology. Low energy usage and economic
    savings does not mean it would cut down on luxuries. Featuring a
    transparent LCD hatch composed of a thick resin, the New Diamond has a
    swimming pool on the lower deck, and the interior includes an
    American-style bar with armchairs, along with a sauna and a dive room.

  7. kum amun

    the eternal peace Good Life core-save the sea’

  8. DrewTheAwsom

    that wouldnt make it past the shore -__-

  9. saultube44

    Nice boat, I wish everyone could afford 1

  10. Uber Digital Luxury


  11. eatporknbeans

    Moby – Whispering Wind

  12. antonio fernandes

    Beautifull.. Wonderfull..!!!

  13. Jim Myer

    If I owned it, I would be lost at sea with some nice company of course

  14. xXEliteProBossXx

    nice imagination bro

  15. Danny W

    70 meters 230 feet

  16. Eddy Quek

    This is the One!

  17. yrtos agarth

    Le jour ou j’ai un yacht comme celui-ci, c’est que tout va bien !

  18. Speedwagon1983

    das ist Computergrafik…. ähm gibt’s das Ding überhaupt real und ist es

  19. Jakub Cooler

    Just don’t use it when a storm is predicted

  20. MichaelClock

    Great boat! Also perfect is the music. Does anybody know the name of the

  21. Gustyn1987

    that thing doesnt need a wave. The pool alone would make it sink.

  22. Cuze_dg

    toy for golden boy`s

  23. ThePorritZ

    looks like it. i think the design looks sturdy enough to be able to handle
    open seas

  24. azepgiy iugzaf

    are you guys dumb?

  25. David C.

    Truly beautiful! I want one.