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  1. During our research, I found lots of blogs and forums on saloon vs salon. The most common response: it started as saloon, the area of the boat where you take your drinks. Many boats found this term lacking and started using salon, a fancy French term for reception hall. the second common response: Sailors call it a saloon and Powerboaters call it a salon. To sum it all up — call it saloon or salon, but no one called it a den or living room.

  2. I thought in America say salon, not saloon. In the dictionary a saloon is a place for drinking. In England they may say saloon.

  3. The equipment Im curious about are the lifts for the wheel chair to go from the dock to the boat and the elevator lift inside the boat. Please and thank you! Im sorry I just saw this comment.

  4. I would be happy to check into this for you, what equipment are you asking about?

  5. where do you get the equipment to retrofit an existing boat like that

  6. how about photovoltaic solar cells to produce electricity and compressing air for air engine

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