A Women Sailing Convention

Gail Hine is going to present Sailing Convention for women. It is going to be held on 2nd of February, 2019 in California’s Corona del Mar at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. All day long, the ladies will be organizing shore and also boat based workshops for the beginners, as well as experts, so that they can learn more about sailing.

Gail Hine, the director of the convention said that this is going to provide women with a chance to meet other sailor women, talk about options of cruising or day sailing, and get to know about a women’ sailing organization that already exists in that area. They can also be a part of the instructional program that will be available.

Attendees have chosen a combination of workshops which suites their ability and needs. The instructors of the course are all top women sailors heading from Southern California and also from outer parts of California. There are some of them who are USCG licensed captains. The workshop is going to include Going up the Mast, Welcome Aboard for the beginners, electronic navigation, DIY canvas projects, and basic navigation, how to heave a line, offshore cruising, introduction to sailing, sail trim, weather, singlehanded, and much more.

In order to make the event more interesting, Melody Kanschat has been made the featured speaker. She has 40 years of sailing experience. She started with small boats at Midwest and is presently in California on her C&C40 Harmony. All these sailing years, she has put the lessons she has learned into proper use being the female captain in a professional career of public radio. Melody is going to talk about her characteristics and styles of the women leaders and discuss the moments when the crew members, as well as the skipper, will embrace their leadership. She is also going to share some tips for these female sailors.

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