25 comments on “Azimut 86 , 86s yacht”

  1. Is a crew and a captain required for this size of yacht or could this still
    be operated by its owners as long as they are experienced of course?.
    someone drop an answer if possible.

  2. A guy I know owns a 65. He calls it his Mut lol. He also owns one of the
    most famous offshore raceboats of yesteryear, the World Champion 39′ MTI
    Drambuie On Ice.

  3. Doubt I could even afford the property taxes and insurance. Nice boat,
    excuse me yacht. 🙂

  4. Ovviamente! E non solo quelle del video. Prova a far sapere in giro che hai
    uno yacht del genere e vedi quante fighe hai comprese nel prezzo…. altro
    che 3-4….. 3-4000….

  5. theres one for sale on new zealands “trademe” site for just under 3
    millionnz$ (its currently in port in singapore (the one for sale, at the
    time the ad was put up)

  6. Nice video. I have a yacht, i just added some underwater lights to it. They
    seem to not be working…. Any advice? PLEASE HELP

  7. This yacht looks exactly like what my neighbor has at his dock, exactly
    like it. How much was this boat?

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