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  1. Nice boat and well said about trying to bug out on a boat. There are many
    people who live on boats full time, some of which live extremely minimalist
    lifestyles ! But unless you have done it or currently live like that.
    Bugging out on a boat is a real bad idea ! It’s with out a doubt possible
    to live for a very long time on a boat but many just could not handle it.

    Just to add, If anyone were going to attempt it, get a wood catamaran, not
    a condomaran, that is basic in it’s design and equipment. Something like a
    Wharram. People have actually built them on deserted beaches and eventually
    sailed off around the world in them.

  2. Was Smoker a Waterworld reference or is that just a typical nautical term
    for diesel boats?

  3. You have a great philosophy. Many prepper’s are all doom and gloom. I don’t
    consider myself a prepper but have always stocked extra food and thought
    of what I would do if everything went to shit. I like the idea of having a
    boat at the harbor when you live in a city. In the San Francisco bay area
    the freeways are going to be parking lots in a crisis. My family can ride
    our bikes down to the harbor, jump on the boat and go to the ocean or in to
    the delta. I keep a gun and supplies on my boat. I should get a water maker
    for the boat. Anyways it was nice listening to your thoughts. Common sense
    and a good attitude are becoming rare these days. 

  4. Wow! I really liked the positive inspirational, motivational and can do
    talk at the end of the vid. I agree with your take on bugging out on the
    high seas.

  5. Your comments on enjoying the life we have now are very good. That’s a good
    attitude to have, and I am thankful. Appreciate you pointing that out.

  6. Excellent Idea.. My father used to have a 42 foot Sea Ray. Anchor far our..
    you can see who is coming, and the protection is great.

  7. Boat = Break Out Another Thousand, We lived on our boat for 2 years
    traveling all over. Living on a boat and off the ocean is pretty easy. I
    agree a sail would be a better choice but IMHO a boat is the best choice.

  8. With a smoker your a target on open water! Same with a sailboat just
    slower. I would sell it, take the money buy a island or remote island lot,
    build a small solar house, get a speed boat. load up food, ammo, what ever.
    Only let family and very close friends know about it. Nice boat!

  9. Amen brother. Being retired Navy I can tell you that life at sea is the
    hardest way to live there is. I’ve met hundreds of people that have lived
    aboard for months at a time and most have said it was anything but a
    vacation and always a big learning experience. Its not something anyone can
    do without a LOT of knowledge, experience and expertise. A boat makes a
    great bug out vehicle if you have someplace to go but its not like camping.
    God bless brother.

  10. Motors fail, and sails rip, this is why all boats need sweebs. Fishing and
    ocean vegetables would be key to long-term sustainment, when you’re not
    hugging the coastline as you ought.

  11. even the biggest boat gets REAL! SMALL!! after a VERY!! Short Time!! Beware
    of Pirates! Parrot Pirates! they come baring frozen drinks and bugs! LOL!!
    Thanks for Sharing! God Bless You and Yours!

  12. I live on the coast and would love a bug out sailboat. If SHTF I will
    “borrow” a boat there are tons of them where I live.

  13. Its a perfect BOV. Mount a 50 cal up top, add a bunch of solar panels to
    run the electronics, set the radar to perimeter alert.. maybe add a fuel
    bladder or two.. you’re set. Too bad you are on the wrong coast. 😉 However
    during a true SHTF I may jump a piper 181 to diego, and hijack one of
    those. Yep, a pilot too.

  14. There is also another saying about boats .. “break out another thousand”.
    Throw some Cat diesels in the mix, and that changes it to “break out
    another 10,000” fast. LOL I prep the best I can..and for community; but I
    live in a place that in most possible scenario’s it will community up. I
    have included Lake Superior into my options based on “possible scenario’s”.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Boats are severely overlooked as prepper retreats and BOV’s.. they even
    have fresh water makers and you can fish and dig clams.. wish I had one. I
    lived on a 42 foot Sea Ray in the San Juans for 3 months once living on
    just what we caught and dug for. I craved red meat after 30 days. It was an
    interesting off the grid experience.

  16. A+ PatriotPrepper. In an emergency, we consider every option including
    water! Thanks for posting this and awesome ship!

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