13 comments on “Dunhill Royal Yacht review …a dictator´s favourite”

  1. Hi Allen, thanks for dropping by, I got my info from the briar files blog,from June 15, 2008 “Featured Pipe Smoker: Joseph Stalin” …I also seen a couple more references to this little piece of history in other websites, but don’t remember exactely where. Cheers, Tiago

  2. …then you fail to qualify for our “Genocide Dictator” learning program, ha ha! Cheers, Tiago

  3. Your review was dead-on. I have to agree with you that the Royal Yacht is an outstanding blend. The one thing you have to be conscience of is the nicotine kick it has when you reach the middle of the bowl. Thanks for the review. Cheers, Art

  4. Thanks for the kind words Mel, hope you like it. My advice, puff slowly to extract all that Virginia goodness, also, because it packs quite a nicotine punch!!!

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