Pershing 62

The 50- to 115- feet motor yachts by the Pershing has now been joined in by a new member the Pershing 62. The Pershing 62 has brought with it ZF SeaRex drives that is helping the motor yacht to give a sublime performance. However, before onlookers notice all that, seems like they would be absolutely pre engaged wondering how does the Pershing 62 look so amazing. Yes the Pershing 62 looks that great and has a handling capacity that is even better.

Pershing has been designing, producing as well as marketing luxury motor yachts for almost 30 years now. It is one of the leading brands in the sector of Made in Italy fibreglass open yachts. Their ranges of yachts have always shown superior performance, consistent development in style, best quality materials, the best designed interiors along with incomparable comfort. The Pershing 62, too, showcases the same style and beauty, in fact even better, than what the shipyard has been providing for years.

Spectators will especially be fond of the swim platform of the yacht. The swim platform is about half the depth of what you would usually see in the Pershing range of yachts. The extra space in the Pershing 62, has been used for a tender garage. The garage lifts up, and the centre section of the swim platform drops. Thus, a personal slipway is created. This surely is a super nifty plan that has been implemented by the developers. Apart from the swim platform, another element that is sure to catch glances in the ingenious salon door and window. First the window will retract below decks, following which the door will move to the centreline. It also drops down, thus giving an unhindered access to the open cockpit.

The automatic trip system helps the Pershing 62 to rise into plane with almost no fuss. The speed performance of the yacht has amazing smoothness. Its standard engines are a pair of 1,381-hp MTU Series 2000 diesels.

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