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  1. Be shure you made everything right! Maybe you might think of strenghen the keel box a little by adding one layer of glas fiber (in the inside of the hull). Like that you should never get a problem there. Everything else is just fine. For tuning parts for you Seawind you can check out the webpage from Stockmaritime in Germany.

  2. yes i also think its cooler but almost double the prize made me bought the abs

  3. The opening where you place the keel in is much stronger with the carbon edition whereas the ABS tends to crack there. Regarding the sailing the carbon might be a little better especially in lightwind condition as the hull is much lighter. Otherwise it might be hard to tell the carbon is really better.
    But she looks definitelly much cooler 😉

  4. do you feel any difference between the abs and the carbon edition?

  5. There is no propeller! The “Seawind” is a pure sailing vessel so all you need is wind ;-). And if you thinking of buying one to use it in sea water just go ahead. It is a strong sailing boat in deed and you might not damage it at all. Just make shure the sealing of the covers is ok. If you really want to go very shure you just might tape the covers with sticky tape. We normally sail even without taping the covers and it was never a problem so far.

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