Rossi Takes Over

Tom Rossi has been named as Hall Spars and Rigging and Hall Composites’ president as well as CEO of the company which has come into effect from the end of June 2016. Rossi would handle all Hall operations in the regions like New Zealand, Holland and US.

He succeeds Eric Hall, who remains as the chairman as he is the founder of the company. Known for the building of riggings and spas that are high performance, the company has been in operations since 1980.

The company is known to be associated with different yachts that they have designed and repaired over the ages. Currently there is a single mastered super yacht that is moored in Auckland, called M5, and the masts of this vessel make the other standard crafts look like mere matchsticks by its side.

M5 has masts at 90 m that makes them too high to go under the Auckland Harbor Bridge, or too unwieldly to take on a Scotland Yacht Charter. It is currently kept at Silo Marina which is known as the premier home for different super yacht models in the South Pacific region. The mast of the yacht is about one third of the SkyTower. It is owned by Rodney Lewis, who is billionaire courtesy Texas oil. The boom of the craft is being repaired by Hall Spars and Rigging at their facility in Silverdale.

The company states that the boom is being upgraded structurally and it is definitely taking its time. The yacht can store water skis, laser yachts, jet skis, kayaks, remote control models of M5 as well as dive gear. There are extra boats on the swimming pool of the yacht. Indeed, the M5 is the ultimate when it comes to super yachts that have been designed by experts like Hall Spars. The company’s New Zeeland operations are distinct from that of their operations in other countries.

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