25 comments on “Sunseeker 34 Meter Yacht”

  1. This, cruising around the Med with Jennifer Anniston for a week, and then
    god can have me. That’s a fair deal.

  2. No I think he’s right, for a boat like this you would probably be looking
    at about $11-13 million, sunseeker are very popular and are a mass producer
    so for the size they aren’t that expensive.

  3. Another beautiful Sunseeker. Prefer no voice over. Let the design, finish
    and seaworthiness speak for themselves. The promo for the 37 metre is a
    better job of marketing. Any potential client will check out the details on
    the Sunseeker site.

  4. @thegeronimo333 No this is one of their Luxury Yachts – 34 metre long. The
    Preditor is 130 feet long and while still luxurious it is faster, more

  5. Good luck, There are many Yachts as nice as this one but smaller and
    absolutely cheaper

  6. for some reason i have been watching a lot of these yacht videos, as of
    late. i have to say, that of all the yachts i have seen, this is the nicest
    by FAR. its sleek, luxurious, and space is used wisely.

  7. Not true…if we all put about 250 USD each we coud find a good used one.
    if you send the money to me with your name, when I get the cash and
    purchase the boat and then send everybody and email as to when you can come
    enjoy your 3 day vacation. ;-p

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