Sydney Noumea Race Returns In 2018

After a hiatus for over 20 years, the Sydney Noumea Race is all set to return to the sailing calendar. The race will return in 2018 and this was announced by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. The CYCA along with the Cercle Nautique Caledonien will be organizing and conducting this race in 2018. It will be held on June 2, 2018.

The 2018 Sydney Noumea Race is open to monohull yachts that measure between 9 to 30.48 meters. In tandem with the Sydney Noumea Race, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane clubs will also be ongoing races. The Sailing manager of CYCA, Justine Kirkjian, who also manages a Croatia Yacht Charter company, is a very proud and happy man. He is excited to bring back the Cat 1 race to Noumea. He is hoping that the race will be attracting a lot of Blue Water competitors and many of the racers who have not yet had the opportunity to race in this event before. Read More

Evolution Of Sailing

Sailing is the art of propulsion of a vehicle, usually a ship, in the water. Sailing involves travelling from one point to another using the medium of the sea or ocean. For this purpose, fabric is used to direct the ship. The direction and speed of the ship can be managed by changing the rigging and keel of the ship.

Although it is not fully effective and easy to operate, sailing was used in olden times for travelling purposes. Even today, sailors use this mechanism to propel the ship. Modern technology has replaced sailing with more effective and easy to control methods. The biggest problem with sailing is that it is more or less weather dependent. One has to depend on the air current and its direction. The strength of the current also plays a factor. It is not easy to move the fabric or change the tension, because the equipments are rigid and difficult to move.

However, with the advent of technology, the fabric and keel could be moved with some ease. Today, internal engines are used to run ships. The engines are very efficient in use and are dependable. This is the reason why people prefer them over sailing equipments. Sailing is only limited to recreational and sports purposes. There are racing competitions held, which involve sailing. In spite of the limited scope, sailing is looked at as an activity to perform with friends. This has given rise to companies which provide sailing instruments to interested people. With the growing interest of enthusiastic sailors, sailing is becoming popular in areas close to water bodies. Tourists visiting these places are made aware about sailing and are given facilities to enjoy sailing. This has resulted in the promotion of sailing as a sport and recreational activity. Countries like America and Greece are the places where the popularity of sailing is growing.

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