Regatta Sailing

On the first day on Upper Klamath Lake this Saturday, the winds were quite steady for the 42nd annual Firecracker Regatta. There were around 22 sailboats divided across 4 classes of boats that participated in the event so as to get in 5 races with a positive hope for something more to take place on Sunday.

There were skippers from Ashland, Medford, Northern California and Eugene to thoroughly enjoy the weather on the lake in the mid 80s. Besides, there was a strong breeze of around 10 to 16 mph.

As far as the forecast for Sunday is concerned, there were 9 catamaran boats and multihull for colorful sailing and fast sails. In addition, there were small razor boats that accommodated only one man, which is for the Performance Handicap Racing fleet, 20 foot Santana 20s and 21 feet San Juan Class that popped up bright shaded Spinnakers during sailing downwind. Read More

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