5 comments on “Time for new Tobacco Royal Yacht”

  1. Yah.. That sucks when you have to buy bunch of tobacco and found yourself stuck with something you don’t like but it’s part of the hoppy

  2. Hay friend, that is to generous which i can’t accept due to custom regulation of exporting and importing tobacco via mail while i can import any type/amount of tobacco only while traveling back.. Thanks again i really appreciate your offer

  3. Also, I am glad it did NOT turn out to be like Erinmore, I hate that shit! I have a tin of Royal Yacht un-opened in my cellar- this is good news haha.. did you try flake? It is also a Virginia that is highly rated. Problem is my consumption is going very slow, and so many blends I still have not tried for the first time. Sucks that I get to travel/buy without knowing what is good.

  4. Hey my friend.. you’re like me now, I also strictly prefer English blends. Speaking of which, if Saudi customs pass packages without a fuss I’m headed to London on Tuesday.. I’ll send you University Flake if you’d like.

  5. Good to see ya! Cobs are great for trying new tobaccos as well as being great smokers. Good review! Thanks!! Have a good one!! =)

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