Transas Offering Secure Ship Sailing with AI

AI is leaving an everlasting impression in various fields. It has also encroached upon the ship navigation system for improving navigation safety and voyage planning. With this technology, ship navigation has turned out to be way more intelligent and eliminates the human involvement in the process. This is an initiative for reducing the burden on the administrative people present on the bridging teams. It has been adopted for the process of e-navigation that will enable the officers to increase their focus on secured navigation.

The new navigation system for the ship has ML, IoT, and also, cloud computing technology which advises navigators about the environment of the ocean, prospective hazard, and also about the performance of the ship. This is usually done under a cyber-secure system for facilitating the voyage execution and route planning.
Wartsila-acquired Transas has adopted the AI along with hazard identification for the new optimization solution and voyage planning Navi-Planner. The solution can employ AI to generate safe navigating routes automatically through the latest electronic navigation char and provide a notice to the mariners. Moreover, the optimization of the routes is known to be done against the weather forecasts and the probable hazards.

It saves time for the bridge operators. The electronic chart of the Navi-Planner is updated automatically with the latest notices of navigation. This procedure is going to be beneficial for the fleet managers as the onshore operators can supervise the vessel in real-time, remotely.

Wartsilla is going to add functionalities constantly to the Navi-Planner for the navigators so that they can optimize their routes. Within a short period of time, information such as port arrival data can be included in the navigation plans. The planner can adjust the speed and route to the port on the basis of the recommend ETA.

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