UK Increased Funding For Sailing

Rio Olympic has just finished and medal takers countries have started their preparation for the next Olympic Games session.

The countries are investing more on sports to make it outperforming incoming event. In the series United Kingdom has announced that it will increase the fund for Olympic and Paralympic 2020. Amount of £345m will be spent on sports persons who are going to take part in Olympic Games and Paralympic Games; the amount will be spent on 31 players.

According to reports the out of £345m fund given for preparation of Olympic and Paralympic Games, £26,231,379 will for sailing Olympic events. For Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing team of UK received the fund of £25,504,055 for preparation. So, there is increased in the fund for 2020 Olympic preparation. Out of all the games in which fund amount will be distributed, only athletics and rowing will get more than Sailing.

RYA the sailing association of UK has welcomed the move by the UK government and said this will strengthen our game in Olympic in the year 2020.

Performance Director of RYA John Derbyshire said “Sailing delivered its best in Rio 2016, an increase in funding is rewarding for us. This way sailing is inspiring youth to come and join the game.”

Sailing has not been included in Paralympic Game in Tokyo 202, and the sport is also not eligible to get the award of world class spots. Yet, UK Sport has increased the funding for the game. Upon this RYA member say, the fund will be spent strategically on selected sailability. Clubs with high performance will be developed to make more participation of athletes. The RYA will make all the efforts in the development of sports to reinstate its place in Paralympic Games. In fluctuating economy condition, increase in the fund was necessary for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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