Yacht owner accused of fraud

Colin and Andrea Chisholm have been put behind bars with charges of fraud as they had claimed themselves to belong to the Scottish royal family and received substantial benefits from the state.

Andrea Chisholm had already confessed of her crime, while her husband who recently appeared in court also told all about how he had claimed himself to be a Scottish lord and misled people. The couple had been living a luxurious life and on a million dollar yacht and also lived in Deep haven Mansion later.

Colin Chisholm while confessing his guilt admitted of the major economic offense committed by him. He had boasted of being a Scottish Lord and had accepted about $167,000 from the Minnesota welfare. At the same time the couple had collected benefits meant for the poor and in this way went on deceiving people, and meaning that their yacht was paid for by people who could only afford to charter a yacht themselves!?

The man while confessing his guilt said that he had taken benefits from the Hennepin County that he was not eligible for and at the same time he even collected welfare benefits in Florida and did not pay the federal taxes.

His crime of living like a rich man and deceiving poor people has been termed as offensive by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. He has been sentenced to 21 months of imprisonment for deceiving people and taking public assistance wrongfully. However the amount of $167,000, that the couple has been accused of accepting is debated to be lower by his public defenders is expected to be lower and will be discussed about in the hearing scheduled for January.

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