20 comments on “~~YachtTV~~ WALLY 118 YACHT”

  1. guy:lets go make a littel tour in my wally 118?

    girl: no i dont like suppersonic….

  2. everything is great except for some of the interior of the bedrooms and the narrow hallway which gives a solitary confinement vibe. they were trying to match the sharp edges of the exterior but bedroom is supposed to be cozy and warm not box-like

  3. Maybe a paper airplane, but not a fighter… Can’t believe people fined a yacht that looks like a cardboard box on water attractive. People have no taste these days…

  4. Jesus, it almost scared me in the beginning. I thought there’s no way this European boat is set to cheesy American music

  5. This is such a pimp boat. This is the kind of yacht that a bond villain would own.

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