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  1. Yeah the pipe came from MacQueen. They have really cool pipes for a good price, but the service is pretty sucky haha. I know pipesandcigars website sells them, and you could try ebay if you don’t want to wait 5-7 months for a pipe. Thanks for the comments, cheers!

  2. i think i found your pipe.

    MacQueen Classic Churchwarden looks amazing for the price!

  3. nice and honest! I like this review! Where did you get your pipe from?

  4. Ahhhhh I see… yeah I agree that their customer service is pretty sucky haha… I waited about 7-8 months I think for my pipe when they say it only takes a few weeks to craft and then ship. They hardly responded to my emails too, and yeah I’ve noticed their stuff on ebay too so I’ll probably go there for anymore Macqueen stuff haha

  5. The rangers first smoke was brilliant but then it seems to get a little bit of a tighter smoke after that. the stem will loosen over time try not to take it off as much, but when your smoking it the heat will make it tighten. the main problem i have with macqueens is their customer service sucks, ive been waiting damn near 6 months for a sheathe ive pretty much given up on them and wont be using them however i got my ranger from a guy on ebay who sells alot of macqueens stuff.

  6. Try it and let me know what you think! I’m definitely becoming a huge fan of virginias. Always a great smoke, with a great taste. Yeah it’s a nice pipe 🙂 always a good smoke, and it hasn’t been gurgling at all lately so that’s nice haha.

    Cheers to you too, Chris!

  7. The ranger looks great. I’ve thought about buying that at some point… good smoke out of it? And yeah I agree, this one smokes great though. I’ve noticed my stem has become just a bit more loose in the bowl than when I first got it. Not a problem yet haha, but I can see maybe having to buy a replacement stem or bowl later

  8. Great video i have a ranger macqueens i just find them a little bit more finnicky than regular churchwardens due to the build of the bowl.

  9. Great video! Sweet churchwarden. Dang jealous of that, ha. Haven’t smoked Royal Yacht in a while, may have to try it again. Love me some Virginias. Keep it up buddy!

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